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Euro 2020


Paulo Dybala has had a chance to share the space with Cristiano Ronaldo inside the Juventus locker room and he reckons that the aura that surrounds the Portuguese talisman when he is on the ground, it doesn’t exist when he is off it because in the locker room, his behavior is like that of a normal player and talking to him, it doesn’t seem like such a personality who is one of the Football’s greatest of all time is sitting in front of you.

According to Dybala, nobody was expecting this signing to happen, not even the Juventus players themselves expected that Cristiano was going to be joining them. When the speculations first began, they thought that it’s just one of those catchy headlines that the media houses often use linking a big player to a big club, but it indeed happened and having spent time with Cristiano and having observed him from close quarters now, he can say that the man doesn’t have any arrogance or ego and he is a very, very easy going personality. Continue Reading